Author Scott Britz-Cunningham eyes impact of technology with ‘Interface’

Scott Britz-Cunningham poses with a copy of his upcoming novel, "Interface."

Chicago native Scott Britz-Cunningham moved to Worcester several years ago to research nuclear medicine at UMass Memorial Medical Center, but he doesn’t stop working when he goes home at night. Britz-Cunningham has written three scientific thriller novels in the past 10 years, the newest of which, “Interface,” comes out in early November. Last Call sat down with Britz-Cunningham to hear about the inspirations behind “Interface,” the balance between medical work and writing, and his adopted home city.

Can you tell us about “Interface”?

I got a little exasperated when I was in a restaurant and saw this couple sitting together. They had ordered a nice dinner and they looked like a nice couple, but they were sitting there just glued to their cell phones, not even speaking to each other. I got to thinking this technology that we have is changing us. It’s changing the way we interact, it’s changing our relationships, our society, our politics and everything. I decided to write a book about it. What I did was I took it to an extreme to show what might be happening in the future if this trend continues without anything to throw it back. I envisioned a world where people ditched all the cell phones and now have an implant directly in their brain so they’re connected to each other 24/7. You can’t turn it off, you can’t really escape it. What would happen if society were like that?

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