Awakening to Christ Consciousness

Awakening to Christ Consciousness

Aligning with Christ Consciousness is a powerful process of rebirth and renewal of spirit, mind, and body. Once aligned, our bodies, minds, and souls to experience a profound sense of liberation and transformation. We experience a feeling of being one with the infinite energy of the universe. And as we become one with Christ, we experience a new, vibrant life. And we come to realize that we are one with God and that we have unlimited potential for spiritual and mental enlightenment.

Infinite Intelligence

Paramhansa Yogananda has described the Christ Consciousness as the spiritual essence hidden at the core of every individual. The Christ Consciousness is a reflection of God’s Infinite Intelligence and is the highest expression of Spirit in the created world. Everything is a manifestation of God’s consciousness, from the atoms of the universe to the smallest particle. Every single thing has this awareness of God at its core.

In Christian Science, the concept of the Infinite Intelligence is based on Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation of intelligence. As she says, intelligence originated spiritually, and the full representation of the Mind is the full representation of it. Essentially, the mind is infinite, and each idea is represented in its own unique form. The idea of infinite intelligence reflects the truth that everything is connected.

This law applies to our lives in many ways. For example, when we meditate on our goals, we receive flashes of insight. These flashes may be a direct telegram from infinite intelligence. These flashes of insight are not to be ignored and should be acted upon. They are signs of the Infinite Intelligence of Christ Consciousness and are the key to improving our performance.

Sonship consciousness

The schizophrenic tendency in the traditional tritheistic model is avoided in the alternative view of Jesus. The Virgin birth of Jesus overturned the laws of nature, and his ascension fulfilled this proof. However, the Kenotic view does have a weakness: the Logos is absent. This weakness is overcome by the understanding that the Father takes over the functions of the Son for a limited time. The result of this view is that the Godhead is divided between the two sexes.

Jesus’ mission was a manifestation of his preexistence, and it is a stepping-stone to his messianic consciousness. It is not separate from his eternal procession; it is an extension of it. The human consciousness of Jesus’ mission translates this eternal relationship with the Father into the idiom of human life. And Jesus’ mission is a part of the fulfillment of the prophetic mission. It’s no coincidence that Jesus was granted this mission at a certain time in history, and his mission was given from the womb.

Jesus’ life demonstrates his consciousness of filial relationship with His Father. His words and actions reveal a superior authority derived from the Father. Moreover, Jesus’ work is realized through the Spirit, which is the ultimate mediator. This is why the Father has included the Holy Spirit in his consciousness of Jesus. It is the Spirit who brings the Father to the Son in the first place, and this is why Jesus’ mission was so important to us.

Full spiritual enlightenment

A unique teaching that seeks to awaken the Christ consciousness is available through Ken Wilber. Through this teaching, an aspirant will discover the path to full spiritual enlightenment. A key element to awakening the Christ consciousness is the aspirant’s willingness to acknowledge and forgive the human shadow behaviors that limit their progress. This in turn allows the aspirant to redirect mis-qualified energy towards the fulfillment of their highest potential.

The moment of awakening is a moment when a false sense of self begins to dissolve. At the same time, a new perception of reality is experienced. Eventually, this whole world is dissolved. Until this happens, no heart will be completely fulfilled. Ultimately, no one will experience full spiritual enlightenment until they perceive from the point of view of truth. This journey will last for the remainder of one’s life.

This process has many different names in different cultures, including Buddhism and Jainism. The Jainism term for enlightenment is ‘Keval Gyan’ and is commonly called Kevalin. The term is used interchangeably with the word’satori’ in Hinduism. However, the concept of enlightenment is used in a different context in the Christian tradition.

Intuitional development

Our intuition can play a significant role in our conscience development, but it can also be squashed by rigid authority. Intuition is often difficult to define and is therefore largely ignored in a culture that values concrete evidence. The problem is that it can guide us in our actions without requiring full understanding. But when our intuition is trained properly, it can be an invaluable tool in the process of integrating our conscience and our reason.

Intuition can be developed through deep meditation, as is done in Kriya Yoga. A good practice for developing intuition is to meditate once a day for a short period, and longer once or twice a week. During these meditation sessions, devotees will realize a blissful dialogue between soul and God. They will experience an interiorized communion with God, in which they speak to God through wordless intuitional exchanges.

The ability to discern and trust our intuitions has a major role in our religion. When we follow the teachings of our faith, our intuitions are more powerful than ever. We are able to understand and appreciate God’s love for us and the great leaders of Christianity. Intuitional development in Christ consciousness is necessary for us to experience the full potential of our intuitions. A sense of illumination is a powerful and practical tool that will help us complete our cosmology and our philosophical system.


The Christ Consciousness meditation can help you access your embodied Godhead, your personal Higher Power. It has several benefits. One of these is the ability to receive instructions from Abba, or the Christ within. This message may come in the form of a whisper or a picture in your mind. It is also a good idea to practice turning questions over to the Still Small Voice. The answer you receive may also appear as an impulse or picture in your mind.

This meditation can be done anywhere, at any time. It can help you regain clarity and connect with the Creator. The Still Small Voice of God will respond to your inner exchange. You may feel a sense of connection or experience Christ energy for a short while. Once you experience the Christ energy, you will see that you are part of God. It will be a powerful experience that will help you understand your connection to God and the way that you fit into the whole.

The Christ Consciousness meditation will assist you to connect with the energy of divine love. You will enter the realm of Christ consciousness when you are able to clear your mind of all negative thoughts. The Christ presence is in your energy and signature. You will experience a warm glow of Divine love, an illuminated vibration that fills your entire light body and aura. The Christ consciousness meditation will assist you in experiencing the Christ presence in your everyday life.

Personal relationship with Jesus

In his article “Catholics and Jesus,” Dr. Boyd traces the roots of the personal relationship between Jesus and Catholics to the philosophy of personalism. He also detects influences from phenomenology, but misidentifies the source. The new language of personal relationship with Jesus was introduced by Pope John Paul II, following a trajectory set at the Second Vatican Council. However, Dr. Boyd’s argument is flawed.

The teachings of Jesus emphasize the need to open our hearts and minds to Spirit, and this awareness can be accessed through prayer and meditation. Through our prayer, we can connect to our own personal source of Spirit. The implication of this is that we can be transformed into Christ consciousness by opening our hearts and minds. Through the inner work of the receptacle, we can experience an influx of Divine energy. Then, we can experience this sensation of love and joy, and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

A personal relationship with Jesus in Christ consciousness is easier than one built on an institutionalized belief system. Through direct contact with Jesus, we can obtain a clearer picture of his character and his ways. Jesus can guide us toward happiness and fulfillment, help us overcome difficult circumstances and find answers to pressing questions. As a man, Jesus faced the tests of life and was tested for it. In this way, he has a unique perspective on life and is present for us now.

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