Bakelite Synthetics Features BREAKTHRU™ Technology that

Atlanta, Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bakelite Synthetics, a leading global integrated producer of thermoset specialty resins, systems and engineered thermoset molding compounds, is featuring an innovative technology that reduces residual formaldehyde content in phenolic resins. BREAKTHRU™ technology will be showcased at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX), October 17 through 20, in Anaheim, California.

Testing of BREAKTHRU™ has demonstrated reductions of 97 percent in emissions when compared with current MIL-SPEC resin systems. This new technology can help manufacturers lower plant emissions, reduce solvent use, and decrease the potential for in-plant exposure when working with phenolic resins and solvents, without affecting performance.

“We’re excited to offer this innovative technology to our customers, especially those in the composites business,” said JP Aucoin, CEO of Bakelite Synthetics. “Limiting plant emissions is an ongoing focus of industry, and we are committed to meeting this need while improving the performance and efficiency of our products. Our BREAKTHRU™ technology provides an attractive, new alternative to conventional phenolic resin products.”

Phenolic resins used in industrial applications historically contain free formaldehyde levels ranging from 0.3 percent to greater than 1.5 percent. BREAKTHRU™ technology has been shown to reduce free formaldehyde in phenolic resins to below 1,000 parts per million or less than 0.1 percent. This is below the labelling threshold required by the globally harmonized system for safety data sheets (SDS) established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – effectively removing formaldehyde from the SDS. 

In addition to this significant advance, analyses have shown that BREAKTHRU™ technology can also lower free phenol content and offer a faster curing profile for phenolic resin systems. Resins made with BREAKTHRU™ technology are also high molecular weight and water-soluble, helping manufacturers reduce solvent use.

Related to BREAKTHRU™ technology, the technical paper CURING EMISSIONS OF NEW ULTRA LOW FREE FORMALDEHYDE PHENOLIC RESINS FOR COMPOSITE APPLICATIONS will be presented at 10:30 AM Wednesday Oct. 19 at the conference. In addition to the technical presentation, Bakelite Synthetics will be presenting its resins and technology in the CAMX Theater 10 AM, Wednesday, October 19.   

Technical representatives will be available in the Bakelite Synthetics booth (V47) at CAMX to answer questions about the new technology.

About Bakelite Synthetics

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bakelite Synthetics is a leading global integrated producer of thermoset specialty resins, solutions and engineered thermoset molding compounds serving a variety of segments and end markets across geographies. Bakelite Synthetics comprises approximately 1,500 associates and 21 manufacturing sites operating in 10 countries. Additional information about Bakelite Synthetics and its products is available at


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