Biden expresses hope that inflation will normalize by late next year

The race will unfold on a blindingly fast timeline. Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) set the special election for Feb. 21, with a filing deadline of Dec. 23. But because the 4th District is solidly blue, the race for the Democratic nomination is where the real contest will be. And on Monday night, the 4th Congressional District Democratic Committee set the firehouse primary date for Dec. 20 — meaning Virginians in the 4th will be in for one hectic week of intense campaigning. Committee members said the timeline was out of their hands, requiring them to have a nominee selected by Dec. 23.

State Sen. Joseph D. Morrissey (D-Richmond) is also expected to make an announcement concerning the 4th District seat on Tuesday morning, although he did not provide more details. Joseph Preston, who served one year in the House of Delegates in 2015, is also running.

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