Delivering Disruptive Technology in a Non-Disruptive Way

Intelligent virtual assistants powered by cutting-edge conversational AI are creating the future of the banking experience, giving customers self-service options to interact with their finances like never before. A great CX can encourage loyalty and turn customers into brand advocates. Bad experiences, on the other hand, can frustrate customers, driving them to consider switching or defecting to another brand.

While these investments in virtual assistants offer tremendous value, it is challenging for banks to know where to begin this journey. And that’s understandable because each bank has different goals and timelines for its CX evolution.  This is why it’s critical to understand where a bank is in its journey and what options are available to drive its conversational transformation. has built a proven process just for this. Because each bank is unique, has pioneered a roadmap that aligns precisely with a specific bank’s needs. It could mean offering live chat to bank customers with no live chat available today. For others, it could mean deploying a pre-built retail banking virtual assistant on multiple channels. And it could be anywhere in between.

In this session, you will learn how easy it is to start and scale your conversational banking journey, regardless of where you begin.’s panel of experts will discuss pitfalls to avoid and best practices in adopting this transformational technology. It’s something you don’t want to miss!

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