Dolphins star Tyreek Hill says he’s been getting death threats for his comments about Patrick Mahomes

It’s been just over two weeks since Tyreek Hill released the initial episode of his podcast, and apparently it hasn’t been a very pleasant two weeks for the Dolphins star. 

On the debut episode of his “It Needed To Be Said” podcast, Hill decided to compare his old quarterback (Patrick Mahomes) with his new quarterback (Tua Tagovailoa). Although Hill conceded that Mahomes has a stronger arm than Tua, he did say that Tua is a more accurate passer. Apparently, that second statement didn’t sit well with some people because Hill says he’s been getting death threats since making those comments. 

“Every social media account I owned, I got death threats on,” Hill said on the second episode of his podcast this week, via “Which is ridiculous.”

In what might be the understatement of the year, Hill said people were simply overreacting to his comments. 

“I just feel like a lot of people overreacted for no reason,” Hill said. “They really didn’t see what I said. A lot of people are just acting off emotion.”

So what exactly did Hill say that some people didn’t like? The receiver said that Tua was a more accurate passer than Mahomes. 

“Obviously, like I’m going to go with [Mahomes] as the strongest arm. But as far as accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all day,” Hill said earlier this month on the first episode of his podcast. “I love the deep ball, but guess what though? I done expanded my game, so now I’m doing a lot more than just the deep ball now. I’m doing intermediate routes, I’m doing short routes, so now I actually need a guy who can just get me the ball now on a dagger route, on a corner route, on a shallow cross route — you know, right now, right in my chest, so now I can do the rest.”

One person who was surprised by Hill’s comments was Mahomes. 

“I’m surprised a little just because I felt like we love Tyreek here,” Mahomes told reporters on June 16. “We’ve always loved him, we still love him. I saw him out at Formula 1 in Miami and everything like that, but I’m sure it had something to do with trying to get his podcast some stuff and get it rolling. But definitely, I still love Tyreek. He’s a one-of-a-kind player.”

During the most recent episode of his podcast, Hill said his comments weren’t meant to be taken as a shot at Mahomes, but as a confidence-builder for Tua. 

“We all know Patrick Mahomes is great. We know that,” Hill said. “But right now, I’m going into a new season with a new quarterback who’s trying to head in the same direction as Patrick and do great things and lead this team to a Super Bowl championship who’s also great, in my opinion. He just doesn’t have the accolades of yet. I believe in him.”

If you want to check out the more recent episode of Hill’s podcast, you can do that by clicking here. 

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