Felix the Cat Cartoon

Felix the Cat Cartoon

The popularity of Felix the cat cartoon has never wavered. With his winning personality, great humor, and visual appeal, Felix continues to woo new audiences. Whether it is an early TV special, a movie, or an interactive game, the cat continues to win audiences worldwide. Listed below are some of the most popular Felix the cat cartoons. These include: The Original Cartoon Series, The Feline Follies, Don Oriolo, Otto Messmer, Inky, Dinky, and Winky, and a host of others.

Feline Follies

A comic strip featuring Felix the Cat first appeared in Britain’s Daily Sketch on August 1, 1923, and began syndication in the United States on August 19, 1923. Messmer drew the comic strip and included the slang of the 1920s, which eventually influenced the comic’s tone. In fact, this character is often parodied in various pop culture references, including the Simpsons episode “Felix the Cat”.

The character’s name is a mashup of the word “feline” and a musical note. His creators claimed that he had created Felix, but the truth is that he was drawn by Otto Messmer, a cartoonist at Universal Studios in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Messmer spent his entire life around Felix, which is perhaps one of the reasons he’s a pop culture icon.

After “Feline Follies,” Felix’s origin story begins. A black cat named Master Tom scalps unwary mice and breaks their hearts, but he also meets a mysterious white cat named Miss Kitty White. Both cats have their own feline friends, including the white-furred Miss Kitty White. Felix, meanwhile, turns four musical notes into scooters. The original cartoon also introduces Felix’s master Tom, who is a black cat.

When the first “Feline Follies” came out, it became a hit. The Sullivan heirs approached Messmer and Oriolo about creating a new cartoon series. However, at that time, theatrical cartoons were in a downward spiral, and Felix would not make much sense on the big screen. But television was growing, and these four men reorganized the Pat Sullivan Company into Felix the Cat Creations Inc.

Don Oriolo

The popularity of Felix the Cat as a cartoon character has reached new heights with its TV series, which aired around the world in 2014. The series’ creator, Don Oriolo, has been working with Felix for nearly 50 years, increasing the character’s visibility through licensing programs and television programs. DreamWorks Animation LLC acquired Felix the Cat in May 2014, but Oriolo retained the character and his fine art rights.

Don Oriolo has a wide variety of interests outside of the music and cartoon business. Besides acting, he is also a musician, guitar designer, and businessman who owns the Oriolo Guitar Company, which produces electric and acoustic guitars and basses. He has also authored numerous paintings of Felix, including many of the cat’s most famous characters. In addition to being a musician, Don Oriolo has also written songs and produced albums for other artists, including Jon Bon Jovi and Meat Loaf.

Don Oriolo is the son of Joe Oriolo, who created Felix in the 1950s. Joe Oriolo’s father Joe Oriolo produced Felix cartoons for television from the early 1960s, as well as comic books and newspaper strips. After Joe Oriolo’s death in 1970, Don Oriolo took over the character. The two continue to keep the Felix legend alive with television and theatrical animations, video games, merchandise, and books.

Otto Messmer

In 1919, the first Felix the cat cartoon was released. It was the brainchild of an artist named Otto Messmer. Born in West Hoboken, New Jersey, Otto Messmer attended the Thomas School of Art in New York and worked for the Acme Agency as a fashion illustrator. He was always fascinated by cartoons and was drawn to them by a famous animator named Winsor McCay.

The creation of Felix the cat was based on the Tramp, a classic Charlie Chaplin film. The artist behind the film cites the Tramp as an inspiration. Despite the similarities, Felix stands apart from other animated cartoons in several ways. He has a playful nature and a resolute attitude. Despite his unorthodox appearance, Felix’s humor is both witty and endearing.

The success of the Felix the cat cartoons continued through the 1930s, but was overshadowed by the strides of Walt Disney’s creation. Unfortunately, Sullivan died soon after, and the studio declined due to alcoholism. Despite his failing health, Messmer continued to create the comics, though other Felix cartoons were uninspired affairs. The series was later revived on television and was produced by Messmer’s protege Joe Oriolo.

After the first Felix the cat cartoons, the series underwent two more films. Felix the Cat: The Movie, and Felix the Cat: The Series, were both box-office flops, but Felix the cat cartoons were immortalized as background photos for the films Who Framed Roger Rabbit. While the original shorts had been produced in the silent era, the series continued to live on as an iconic classic in the American cartoon industry.

Inky, Dinky, and Winky

The first Felix the Cat film was released in 1919 and has since been featured in dozens of silent films and appeared in over 250 newspapers in over 70 languages. The cat’s adventures have spawned a number of toys and merchandising items. In addition to the original television series, he has also appeared in several comic books and has been the subject of songs and computer games. A new comic book is due out in 2022, which will feature the cat and his famous friends Inky, Dinky, and Winky.

In 1923, Felix reached his peak in his career. He became a popular radio star, and appeared on clocks, Christmas ornaments, and even a giant balloon for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. He was also introduced to new co-stars in short films such as Willie Brown, Skiddoo the mouse, Felix’s nephews, and his girlfriend Kitty. The series also featured a number of references to alcoholism and prohibition, making Felix the cat cartoon an important part of American culture.

The Felix the cat cartoon was created by Otto Messmer, a former newspaper writer, who collaborated with Pat Sullivan on the comic strip. The comic strip was sold to Joe Oriolo, who later starred in 260 Felix cartoons for television. Joe Oriolo gave Felix a more domesticated personality. He introduced a magic bag of tricks, a device that allowed Felix to assume the shape of any object.


The original Felix the Cat was a very popular series, with a strong following among kids and adults alike. Although the popularity of Felix fell a bit during the switch from silent to talkies, he has maintained its following for decades. Although the cartoons tend to feature a less-than-subtle Disney influence, Felix has a diverse and global fan base. In addition to his cartoon series, the Felix the Cat character has starred in several films.

In 1928, Education stopped producing Felix the Cat cartoons, and it was distributed by First National Pictures and Copley Pictures for about a decade. In 1936, Van Beuren Studios brought the Felix series back to life with a three-cartoon run. However, this revival was short-lived. Since the original cartoons were not released on home video, the public domain releases of Felix are the only official releases. However, you can still find several cartoons in the public domain.

Sullivan’s family approached Messmer and Oriolo about creating a new series of Felix cartoons. Sullivan’s studio had been suffering a rapid decline in production, and he realized that Felix would not make sense on the big screen. Nonetheless, the four men decided to reorganize the Pat Sullivan Company as Felix the Cat Creations, Inc. This was the first animated series to air on television. The series has been renewed many times since, notably in 2003 and 2016.

Felix’s new costars

The recent release of “Crash” has many fans excited for the new cast and storyline, but it is also generating plenty of buzz. The actor, who has been acting for almost 30 years, has a resume that is filled with both big and small-screen roles. Despite his extensive film and television background, he has stayed fairly private about his personal life. Although his favorite work has been on the big screen, he also has experience in theater. In addition to playing roles in numerous stage plays, Felix is currently starring in the Netflix drama “Crash.”

One of Felix’s new costars is actress Zoe Cramond, who appeared as Amy Williams on the Australian soap Neighbours. The two dated from 2016 to 2018, but only met in the public a few times since. This year, however, they were photographed in public together. Felix’s new costar, Harry Styles, also plays a role in a film based on the singer’s personal life.

After the success of “Crash” on television, Felix’s new costars jumped at the opportunity to work on the project. His master Willie Brown, his brother Skiddoo the Mouse, his nephews Inky, Dinky, and Winky, and his girlfriend Kitty were among the many characters who became costars of the show. They all added to the character’s popularity.

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