Get-e: Simplifying ground transportation within the aviation industry

Digitalisation is a key factor which contributes to an airlines ability to control its ground transportation services. This allows for timely arrivals by crew which prevents delays and makes disruptions manageable.

Get-e acknowledges that the digitalisation of ground transportation systems reduces the amount of administration work. This allows efforts to be directed elsewhere within the airline business.

Roy Hughes, commercial director of Get-e, says: “Get-e’s strategy is to simplify ground transportation and reduce costs and administrative time for airlines utilising smart, in-house developed technology, with an additional layer of 24/7 operational support.

“We provide all of this for free to airlines. We work in partnership with airlines and function as an extension of their operations team. Based in Amsterdam, Get-e has grown to cover 110 countries and more than 900 destinations.”

Supply chains, managed globally by a network team, are directly contracted and audited as well as performance managed. In addition, to utilising smart technology solutions such as direct integration with crew rostering systems, get-e solutions add an extra layer of 24/7 multi-lingual support for airline operations and crew.

The company aims to ensure that its solution is adaptable for any airline regardless of size. Therefore, it is flexible and depends on what the airline requires.

Get-e’s solution can entail either automating the entire process through integration with airline crew rostering systems or receiving and uploading crew schedules directly into the system.

Airlines are also given the option to book their own transfers using get-e’s web-enabled booking portal, which includes status updates of booked transfers for all stakeholders through dashboard overviews. This includes airline operations and station managers. The Get-e Driver App allows all transfers to be tracked via GPS.

The digitalisation of an airline’s ground transportation system has many benefits, but Get-e identifies the main benefit as the ability to outsource and automate crew transfers support while operating amidst a reduction in internal resources.

Hughes says: “Timing and reliability are crucial in the airline industry. Get-e’s dashboard has access to real-time information such as flight delays and traffic issues, and can integrate with customers’ systems to offer real-time visibility of both flight and driver information, ensuring duty of care.

“The increased efficiency of each process ensures that pilots and crew get to the airport on time, with reduced touchpoints, preventing delayed departures.”

There are also benefits relating to the organisation of invoices as a number of invoices and reconciliations can be overseen by a centralised invoicing and billing process. It is also possible to import invoices into a customers expense management system.

Digital transformation programmes have been accelerated due to resources being reduced by airlines after the pandemic. Get-e notes that its airline client base has more than doubled since the pandemic due to the trend of digital transformation in relation to airline’s recovery.

Lockdown swayed Get-e’s focus from managing crew transfers to automated management solution to manage flight disruptions. As a result of this automated process, even while a plane is diverted and still in the air – Get-e can arrange transport for crew and passengers.

Get-e’s mobile application provides driver details and pick-up points and all rides are tracked in a single dashboard so crew and OCCs can GPS track the vehicles.

There have been concerns expressed by operations and procurement personnel with regards to digitalisation and information security risk, notes Get-e.

Other challenges faced by the company include airlines operating legacy systems that have technical limitations. This is an issue as it could prevent the digitalisation of processes such as crew transfers.

Get-e provides the example of one of its customers that has two legacy crew rostering systems which are being replaced, resulting in the company working in a hybrid manner.

Hughes says: “The pandemic has also thrown up additional issues of instability in the supply chain as many drivers have left the industry, particularly in the UK and the US, and several suppliers have unfortunately gone out of business.

“Get-e has a fully secured network of transport partners ensuring that a back-up option is always in place.”

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