Hot Indie Rap Music

Hot Indie Rap Music

There are several great acts on the rise that you can start listening to right now – and you might be surprised at what you find. In this article I’ll list a few: Junglepussy, Aesop Rock, Pink Siifu, and Akai Solo. But which is the best? Read on to discover the best artists indie rap. Here are some of our favorites. Another artist you might heave heard of is J.L.J. He’s a Houston artist who has a new hit song out called Keep It Krunk off his new album The Introduction. You should definetly check it out. Enjoy!


If you’re a fan of hip-hop but want to branch out into new territory, you’ll enjoy the latest offering from East New York rapper Junglepussy. His JP4 album will feature a collection of forward-thinking songs with a variety of subject matter. Whether it’s about the beauty of a sunrise or a stormy night, this East New York rapper is one to keep an eye out for.

The 10 tracks on her debut album are a fascinating collection of songs. Junglepussy has played every role from the around-the-way alpha boss to the fed-up wife. She’s even rapping about the guy who is the source of her dissatisfaction, and the money he spends. In the process, she’s managed to make the music scene more inclusive of women.

The first single from Junglepussy is titled “Main Attraction,” and is a dark and gritty introduction to the new album. The rapping is accompanied by a video, which shows Junglepussy’s vocal range. You can watch the music video below. And if you like it, you can check out the album’s other songs as well.

Another interesting feature of JUNGLEPUSSY’s music is its diversity. She raps about a variety of subjects, including toxic masculinity. Her music sometimes veers towards alternative pop, with funky keyboard notes. As a feminie, she has carved her own lane and is the perfect fit for this unique genre. She embodies feminie energy, power, and sexuality. Although her lyrics are often sexy, she’s also a feminist and has compared herself to Lil’ Kim.

Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole is a young, rising rapper from Philadelphia with a diverse musical background. She studied at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and is a product of the Philadelphia music scene. Her music combines elements of hip-hop, mainstream R&B, and soul. Her music reflects the hunger she feels to make sense of the world. Ivy Sole was born in Charlotte, NC, but now calls Philadelphia home. Her music is inspired by diverse influences, including gospel, soul, indie rock, and mainstream R&B.

She has a diverse sound that straddles jazz, hip-hop, and dancehall. Her Christian upbringing is a notable influence, with many of her songs nodding to her upbringing in a Charlotte, N.C., church. One track, “Parables,” is especially powerful, addressing the intersection between Christian upbringing and black queer identity. Regardless of the genre, Ivy Sole’s music is worth checking out.

Southpaw packs a lot of weight into its five songs. The album’s intro sounds like a canvas mat, and the lyrics are full of braggadocio and social commentary. The EP then fades into a dreamy, soft production on the title track, “Kismet.” Southpaw is a perfect example of the complexities of Ivy Sole’s music. The debut EP from the Philadelphia rapper is a strong and diverse release, with themes ranging from social anxiety to existential wonders.

The lyrics and poetry of Ivy Sole are as personal as they are political. She raps about her father, a man she lost during the war, and she aims to raise awareness of the injustices faced by black women. Although she has become an overnight sensation, Ivy Sole has not always been so transparent through her art. In fact, one of her oldest friends at Penn, Alex Wiggins, a fellow Wharton senior, joked that she never cried.

Pink Siifu

The hot indie rap scene is thriving, and Siifu is the man behind this resurgence. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Siifu is a producer, songwriter, and rapper. In interviews, she admits to morbid thoughts. She was raised in a family where death was a constant reminder. In one song, she raps about the importance of breathing for the dying.

The duo have released a debut album, FlySiifu’s, in 2020. The artwork depicts them as the owners of a fictional record store, FlySiifu Records, which alludes to hip hop culture’s fondness for digging through crates. Matthews, whose real name is Livingston, grew up listening to jazz and blues, is a self-proclaimed “musical savant.”

The songs in NEGRO channel Siifu’s unrelenting energy into a live performance with a band. Headbashing has accompanied NEGRO songs in videos. White kids are literally losing control of their bodies as they scream along. This is a great time to embrace a new sound in hip hop. Siifu’s music is a must-listen for fans of indie rap.

The sonics of Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin are very similar, and Fly Anakin has earned the co-sign of legendary DJ MadLib. Despite being from different states, Siifu and Fly Anakin have created an impact in the underground rap scene in Los Angeles. Besides collaborating with Liv.e and Maxo, they have also been adopted by the hip hop scene in New York.

Akai Solo

The NY MC Akai Solo has produced seven outstanding projects since 2016, doubling his resume by 2020. A member of the creative collective TASEGRIP, he has been dropping loosies for the past couple of years and has gained a lot of mainstream attention. His lyrics and articulation have improved, and his artistic poise has improved as well. The latest release from Akai Solo, Ride Alone, Fly Together, demonstrates these qualities.

The album features the work of two Atlanta emcees, Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin, as well as other impressive guests. It is hard to pick a favorite track on this album, as they both contribute to the overall sound and atmosphere of the album. The album is jam-packed with complex sounds and a sense of apocalyptic dread. The production is gritty, and the voices are sung by AKAI.


Indie rap is a thriving genre these days, and Treety is leading the charge. His debut album, Eastern Medicine, Western Illness, features an impressive array of rappers. The album features a bittersweet verse from MF DOOM on “Dropout Boogie,” and tracks like “One Move” and ‘Miami Ave’ feature different rappers, such as Blu, Mick Jenkins, and Aesop Rock.

On his fourth full-length album, Half God, the emcee duo Slik Jack and producer Sqreeb show their continued creativity. The project is a solid offering, featuring 16 songs and over an hour of music. Navy Blue’s instrumentals are heartfelt and bringing out the best in Wiki’s pen game. Overall, the album is a well-rounded work and worth the listen.

YG’s 4HUNNID label has signed the enigmatic rap artist to their imprint. Though his library is small, he is steadily creating party music. His message is one of empowerment, and he uses his lyricism to prove his self-confidence. CITI’s lyricism combines both singing and rapping to manifest a positive energy.

Another artist to watch is Codenine, a member of the Tragic Allies. His debut album, LVNDR, was listed in the top forty hip hop albums of 2016. It’s been a year since his last project, ‘Battle for New York’, and LVNDR continues this streak. His tight production and dark atmospheric sampling compliments his witty bars and slick delivery. The album also strikes a nice balance between contemporary boom-bap sounds and the 90s sound.

Another promising newcomer to the scene is Bbymutha. This Toronto rapper has a great new album – “Bymutha” – that’s a definite highlight. The album is long, but doesn’t drag, and is packed with great material. Despite the album’s length, it’s full of high-quality material and is sure to leave you with over an hour of great music.

Whatever you do don’t forget to check out Keep It Krunk by J.L.J. The single has charted on iTunes in the UK because it’s fire. See for yourself. It’s available on all major platforms including Apple music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and more.

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