How to help keep kids safe this Halloween using technology

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – With Halloween around the corner, people are thinking about ways to keep their kids safe during trick-or-treating. Representatives with U.S. Cellular said using technology, like your smart phone, can help.

Sorian Al-Hussein with U.S Cellular said, “Use your resources, use your smartphone, use your applications to track your child and if they are younger and want to let them go and feel a little bit of freedom, use these devices they have in today’s world.”

Al-Hussein recommended planning your child’s routes for trick-or treating and using apps to help track them. Some of the apps include Find My Friends, Glympse and Life 360. All are able to track people’s locations.

“There’s also a feature where you can hit a button on the side of your phone and it can send a SOS message to your loved ones and let them know where you are you’re in danger and need help,” Al-Hussein said.

People can also buy other devices like Apple Air Tag and Apple Watch as ways to track children. Air Tag can go into a bag or live in someone’s pocket to track a person or any belongings that may go missing.

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