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These past few years have been especially challenging for everyone working in healthcare. We have all witnessed the toll the pandemic took and continues to take on those who give and receive the care we provide.It will take time for all of us to heal. We need to be kind to ourselves and others.

Engaging the people who work with us is more important than ever. We can do this by continuing to build and strengthen meaningful relationships. As care continues to move toward a holistic approach, so too are we moving toward a holistic culture for our care providers.

I’m so grateful that a number of people have reached out with questions and ideas on how to build a sustainable, evidence-based culture. As I wrote in my new book, “The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special,” the key is creating a culture of replenishment. This body of work led to the Gratitude Group and now the creation of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group.

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As a result, The Human Capital Ecosystem™ was created to help organizations assess their current state of attracting and retaining talent. An “ecosystem” is a system of interdependent pieces. Like an ecosystem in nature, many interconnecting components are linked together. They interact with each other and with their environment to create fully engaged individuals.

The Human Capital Ecosystem framework offers solutions to increase and sustain the engagement of a courageous and talented staff who answered a calling to make a difference in the lives of others.

We feel an organic approach to engagement is powerful. For years we’ve heard, “Employees don’t leave their job; they leave their boss.” While that comment still holds some weight, people can love their boss and still leave (as we’ve seen in the last 30 months). The big picture is far more complex.

The Human Capital Ecosystem provides a framework for us to spark, increase, and sustain the engagement of the wonderful people who have accepted the calling and who dedicate their working lives to making a difference. Equally important, it provides healthcare leaders the insight into where to make the most effective capital investment … in our most important asset … our people.

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