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LaLa Kent “might be in love”.

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star called off her three-year engagement to Randall Emmett – the father of her 19-month-old daughter Ocean – last October but she’s moved on after her friend played matchmaker and introduced her to a new “local” guy.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s ‘Jeff Lewis Live’, she said: “I think I might be in love with someone.

“He’s a local. My friend’s been trying to hook me up with him for a long time and we finally met. We hung out literally … that was the third time.”

LaLa said they had “a lot of fun” together and she was instantly attracted to her mystery man.

She said: “I saw him very quickly. I was just like, ‘Oh my god.’ When the face hits right, it’s like game over…

“His face doesn’t match what comes out of his mouth. He’s a unicorn. I’m going to have to have his babies or something.”

Jeff teasingly asked his 32-year-old guest if her new beau has a job and if he is “age-appropriate”, as Randall was almost 20 years older than her.

Saying yes to both, she added: “Just below 40 is the safe zone. He’s 38. Perfect.”

In July, LaLa revealed she only speaks to the 51-year-old director now for matters relating to their daughter.

She said: “We communicate only about Ocean.

“It’s very short, it’s usually like a couple of sentences, and we leave it at that.”

The reality TV star has claimed Randall was unfaithful and violent towards her and she intends to be “fully transparent” with Ocean when she gets older and asks questions.

She explained: “Obviously, I know she’s gonna grow up, she gonna read things, she gonna watch things.

“I [plan on] just being fully transparent with her, and when she asks questions, I don’t think that sugarcoating it is going to serve anybody.”

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