Pakistan’s Imran Khan disqualified from politics over Toshakhana case


ISLAMABAD — Former Pakistani leader Imran Khan has been disqualified from holding public office — at least for the near future — after a ruling from Pakistan’s Election Commission Friday charged him with unlawfully selling state gifts, according to senior members of his party.

The case is just the latest in a number of charges against the former prime minister by the current government in an attempt to prevent Khan from running again after his ouster earlier this year.

“This is a totally illegal decision and it has political reasons, no legal ground,” Fawad Chaudhry, a senior leader in Khan’s party told reporters after the ruling.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan granted reprieve from arrest on terror charges

The legal team plans to appeal the verdict at Islamabad’s High Court, lawyer Faisal Chaudhry said to The Post.

“This decision can’t withstand in any court and it will be thrown out in no time. The case filed against Imran Khan can’t prove he is not truthful and not trustworthy,” he said.

Protests are expected to follow Friday’s verdict as thousands of Khan supporters have pledged to take to the streets.

After Khan was ousted from power by Parliament this year, he held a series of large boisterous rallies that appear to have boosted his public support.

Pakistan’s current government has in turn, struggled to battle an economic crisis that began under Khan amid record breaking flooding that displaced tens of millions of people. The aftermath of the floods is only expected to further cripple the impoverished country’s economy.

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