Podcast: Marcia Weaver Explains Two Decades of Health Care Spending Effectiveness

It’s well known that the United States spends much more than other high-income countries on health care, the most recent estimates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published in Health Affairs show that nearly a fifth of US GDP is spent on health care services.


It’s perhaps somewhat less well known that health outcomes lag those of many other countries. Life expectancy and infant mortality rates rank well below not just other high-income countries, but many middle-income countries as well.


The combination of these two facts leads many to ask the question, “Are we getting our money’s worth for all that we spend on health care?”


However, simply establishing that the US spends a lot on health care and has sub-optimal health outcomes doesn’t fully answer the question.


Marcia Weaver from the University of Washington joins A Health Podyssey to discuss whether we receive value for our high levels of health spending.


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