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Promoting Your Album at iTunes Exposure

If you’ve just released your first album and are looking to get it noticed on iTunes, promoting your new release at iTunes Exposure might be the perfect solution. There are many ways to get your music seen, but a top-quality service will ensure that you maximize the value of your campaign. Some of these methods include signing up for mailing lists, submitting information to the iTunes Music Store, and driving organic traffic to your band page. If you’re new to the iTunes music promotion world, you may be wondering where to begin. The answer lies in getting your music discovered through iTunes Exposure.

Milestone cards

You can use Milestone cards to promote your album on iTunes Exposure. When you purchase your album, eligible tracks will appear in your Milestone card. After you purchase your album, you can share your Milestone card with your fans. You can share your Milestone card on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Here are some steps to do that. Keep reading to learn more. And, be sure to share your Milestone card with your fans!

Apple offers Milestone cards, which are unique cards containing track artwork and artist achievements. If you’ve subscribed to Apple’s newsletter service, you can also get these cards. Then, you can use them on your website or social media platforms to promote your music. These cards can increase your exposure on the internet and increase your fan base. Just follow these steps and you’ll soon have your music featured on Apple’s website.

Apple has recently introduced Milestone cards for artists on the iTunes Exposure service. These cards, which you can share on social media, highlight the achievements of the artist. They can include important information such as signing a recording contract or gaining a certain number of downloads. Milestone cards are easy to share on Facebook and Instagram and make it easy for fans to follow your music on Apple Music. You can even share your Milestone card on Facebook stories. But you must be verified in order to get it.

iTunes Exposure is a popular music promotion service. It has helped hundreds of artists get charted on the iTunes store. And you can start promoting your music the same day! The company offers various other services and benefits for artists. So, why not give it a try? After all, you’ve invested in your music – why not give it a shot? Just make sure you know how to use them!


If you want to promote your music in iTunes, SubmitHub is an excellent choice. It offers free music submission to influential blogs and playlisters. The response rate is very high, but feedback is rarely useful or constructive. Artists in different genres may receive negative feedback, but if you are submitting music that is similar to what these curators like, you will have a better chance of being selected.

While SubmitHub can be a useful service for promoting your music on iTunes Exposure, you should be prepared for rejections. Most submissions are rejected, and feedback is usually unconstructive and derogatory. However, if you’re willing to pay to promote your music, SubmitHub is an excellent choice. Even if you’re a new musician, the cost of SubmitHub is affordable.

Its website receives more than 1,000 visitors a day, which is impressive for a service that charges very little. While it’s easy to navigate and use, some details are hidden to avoid copycats from using similar methods. Regardless, iTunes Exposure can offer you exposure on iTunes playlists. But it’s important to choose a company with a proven track record for success. With this option, you can combine offline and online marketing.

In order to maximize the benefits of iTunes exposure, you’ll need to use high-quality, effective promotional tools. In addition to submitting your music to iTunes, you’ll also need to sign up for mailing lists and drive organic traffic to your band’s page. Using a combination of these tools will give your music a boost in sales. You can also use iTunes Exposure to promote your music on streaming services.

While SubmitHub offers free music video submissions, you may want to look into submitting your music for iTunes exposure. iTunes has been an essential resource for music fans for over 15 years and has helped thousands of artists achieve international recognition. Its success rate is growing steadily ever since it launched in 2003. This service is worth the investment if you want your music to be exposed to as many people as possible.

iTunes Exposure

If you want to make your music known to the world, using the iTunes Exposure service can help you reach a wider audience. The service allows artists to create Milestone cards, which appear on their profile whenever fans buy an eligible track. The cards contain prepared text and a shortened link for fans to share with their friends. Using this service can greatly increase your chances of getting discovered by new listeners. With an affordable monthly fee of just $39.97, you can enjoy a variety of different services, each tailored to your individual needs.

For independent music artists, a variety of services exist that can help promote your music. While some services charge only a few dollars, they may not provide the quality results that you desire. Especially for new artists, an iTunes Exposure campaign is a great way to get your music out there, make money, and build a global fan base. However, these campaigns can be expensive. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

While there are thousands of sites online that promise to promote music, there are a few key differences that differentiate the company from the rest. Apple is constantly changing its algorithms, so the best way to be found on iTunes is to be creative and use different methods. Social networking and classified ads are two effective options for reaching your target audience. In addition to being highly targeted, these methods will allow you to reach your audience in a matter of days.

Another benefit of using iTunes Exposure is its integration with streaming services. Spotify and Tidal are just two of the many services that work with the service. In addition to Apple’s own service, you can also use other streaming services like Spotify and Tidal to promote your music. Thousands of artists have benefited from iTunes Exposure, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. The benefits are worth the cost. You’ll never know when your music will become a sensation!


If you’ve been looking for an online promotional service to help promote your music, you’ve probably come across the website of iTunes Exposure. It’s a popular place to promote music, with more than 1,000 unique visitors a day. While the website lays out most of its services clearly, it’s also keeping some aspects under wraps to prevent other artists from duplicating their campaigns. Still, there are some positive aspects to promoting music on this website.

One of the ways to maximize your iTunes exposure is to pre-order your album at iTunes Exposure. Pre-adds are similar to pre-orders in that they give you the opportunity to listen to songs before they’re released to the general public. Once you’ve pre-ordered your album, it will automatically be added to your library when you release it publicly. Pre-ordering music allows you to listen to songs ahead of time and save them for later.

Another way to promote your album is through text marketing. iTunes Exposure is an excellent place to market your album on your website and on other websites that offer iTunes. The website is also integrated with Apple Music and Spotify. In addition to this, iTunes Exposure allows you to post links that direct people to your site. As a result, your music will be available on a wide variety of platforms, giving you the ability to reach a global audience.

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