Pros and cons of technology

Our lives have been impacted by technology. We talk via our mobile phones, use the Internet, make calls on WhatsApp and WeChat etc, without any cost, and we are able to watch sports events easily from all over the world on our televisions. Transmitting documents by post has become redundant. So many applications appear every day which impact our way of living. But what are the side effects of these technologies?

More and more children are starting to suffer from myopia, because they are getting used to looking at things from a short distance, like watching television or playing with their iPads or using their mobile phones. In the past, children played outside and watched things which were far away, like the mountains, the sky, tall buildings etc, and consequently required no glasses. Negative effects such as depression, wrong posture, sleep problems and lack of activities have followed.

Using technology throughout the day has resulted in families not talking directly with each other, but rather exchanging messages through their phones, even when they sit next to each other at dinner. In the past, before sending a letter or sending a message, we would ensure that what had been written really corresponded to what we wanted to say. Today, technology prompts words and phrases, which sometimes get sent without corresponding to our intentions.

Some movies use this subject to show a world where technology runs the life of humans. If we are not careful, this can become a sad reality.

Technology derives from the Greek word techno and logos, meaning the science of utilising and promoting science. It can help us with many applications, such as distant education, cloud storage, making purchases and payments without going anywhere, talking to several people at the same time, getting directions to reach an address, using drones and 3D printing. What was a very good intention quickly allowed abuse of the system. Bank accounts can be hacked, personal information can be stolen from your Internet activities and privacy is slowly disappearing.

People can find partners through social networks, but around 15 per cent of those who meet this way, divorce after three years. The youth of today do not want to marry unlike the past.

Although so many aspects can be considered positive changes for our world, dangers persist, considering the fact that we are less and less in charge and technology has taken over. We tend to believe the information provided to us by a single source, rather than verifying several sources to ensure that we have accurate news.

But, if we are not careful, technology will determine who we should have friendly relations with, where we should go on vacation, decide what we should wear, what we should read etc.

If we do not remain in control of technology, we will become robots and the meaning of life will change. It is important to remain alert and question any new tech development.

Saleh Miri

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