Put people ahead of politics

Rep. Tama Theis, R-St. Cloud

I am running for the Minnesota Senate to represent the people of Senate District 14 which includes St. Cloud, St. Augusta and Waite Park. It has been an honor to represent our area in the Minnesota House of Representatives and now I am running to be your voice in the Senate. Being a small business owner, parent and lifelong resident of Central Minnesota, I understand the shared values of our communities. As the State Representative for part of this district, I fought against reckless government spending and tax increases, and pushed for policies that grow jobs, strengthen our economy and used your tax dollars wisely. We need to bring common sense back to St. Paul and elect leaders who put people over politics. 

We’ve all seen and felt the impact of inflation. Gas is over $3, eggs nearly $4 and the state government is sitting on a $9 billion surplus. We need to support family budgets by returning the surplus with permanent, ongoing tax relief. Hardworking families deserve their money back in each and every paycheck, not just a one-time rebate check. Senate Republicans led the way in eliminating the tax on Social Security income and voting for me sends another voice to St. Paul to fight to end this double taxation on the elderly and disabled. 

Rep. Tama Theis, R-St. Cloud

Another important issue I hear about is keeping our streets safe. We might not be the Twin Cities, but we have seen more crime affect our daily lives. Restoring public safety starts first with respecting police as partners, rather than an enemy. I’ll never support anyone who wants to “defund the police.” Additionally, we need to attract qualified law enforcement applicants to job openings and retain good officers by investing in training, higher pay and loan forgiveness. I am endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, which is the largest association representing licensed peace officers in the state. They support me because I will give law enforcement the tools and resources they need to keep us safe. 

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