Scott City School District wins tech award against schools in Midwest

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) – A Heartland School is celebrating after winning a technology award against more than 100 schools across the Midwest.

Scott City School District is a recent award winner for the Midwest Tech Talk Technology Department Excellence Award.

Midwest Tech Talk is a two day conference event with school district technology departments focusing on the future of each school district’s technology programs.

We talked with Director of Technology Mike Cossey who says they’ve been bringing in more technology resources into the schools for the staff and students.

“It’s learning how to use digital resources while learning in the classroom and finding out how to use all of your resources,” Cossey said. “It’s not just technology. There’s room at the table for a teacher to use old school resources and technology. So we want our kids to learn how to use both.”

Cossey said they went up against some pretty tough schools before they were named the winner.

“There are a lot of really talented IT folks in public education,” Cossey said. “You go up against any department, they’re all talented and all really good. We went up against St. Charles School District. They’re a large district with a large staff. It’s kind of fun to be a small district and to be able to win an award even though you’re up against some of the big school districts.”

Cossey said this award is just a good reminder that the technology they help provide to the people in the school is helping out the staff and students in providing the best educational opportunities for learning.

“You put a lot of time and energy into it and you just want to know that what you’re doing is, that you’re on the right path,” Cossey said. “That you’re doing things that are going to impact your teachers and your students in a positive way. So, we’re really proud of that.”

The Scott City IT team consists of three individuals including Director of Technology Mike Cossey, Instructional & Technology Coach Lindsay Aycock and Systems Administrator Chris Bradshaw

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