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Tan France gets parenting tips from Gigi Hadid.

The 39-year-old star and his husband Rob France welcomed their son Ismail into the world via surrogate last July and he’s been turning to his ‘Next in Fashion’ co-host – who has 20-month-old daughter Khai with Zayn Malik – for baby-related advice.

Tan told Us Weekly magazine: “Love! She’s one of my closest friends. I love her so much.

“It makes the show really, really fun. It’s probably the best time I’ve ever had in a show.

“She’s an amazing mom. I’ve gotten so many tips from her.”

And the 27-year-old model sent Tan and Rob a “care package” to welcome Ismail into the world.

He added: “She was a mom before I was a parent, like, seven months before [my son was born]. And so, she was the first person that sent me a care package of all the things that my baby might need. It was so sweet.

“If you’re not a parent, you won’t know this, but [there’s a product] called a Baby Brezza, which is a machine that helps you make your formula really quickly. She included a sound machine, bibs, pacifiers, like, everything I could possibly need.”

The ‘Queer Eye’ star previously spoke about his devastation at missing the birth of his son, who was born seven weeks early.

He wrote on his Real Reality Bulletin page: “HOLY S***!! I’m writing this 2 days after the birth of our son, Ismail France (You can call him Ishmail).

“This came out of nowhere, on the night of July 10th, 2021. I woke up to my alarm, at 7am, on July 11th (UK time), to a bunch of missed calls from Rob. Rob never calls at night, and texts if he needs me to call him. But, I was completely out of it and called him asking what was going on, not thinking it was probably baby related. Remember, I was super jetlagged, after traveling to the UK, from our babymoon.

“He told me that about half an hour prior, our son was born. He came 7 weeks early. I couldn’t believe it. I cried so hard, at the thought of not being there for our son’s first moments. I cried because I knew Rob was alone and that he needed my emotional support. I cried because I was so jealous that he was there with Ismail, and I wasn’t. (sic)”

The fashion designer also praised the pair’s surrogate.

He wrote: “Our surrogate is such a warrior. She gave birth to him in a matter of minutes, and after a night’s stay, she said she was feeling totally fine and went back to normal life. She gave us the greatest gift, and the most immense joy, one could ever give another person. We are so grateful. She’s formidable. (sic)”

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