They Order UP9 To Use Technology To Avoid Abusive Practices In The Pursuit Of Visitors

“Every day of the week, early in the morning, a group of penitentiary agents (female and male), performing their duties in the visiting section, direct attacks on those who visit the detainees there. , especially. against women and children, by imposing certain procedures on them, which are characterized by their dastardly, illegitimate and degrading character, causing them to enter the room crying on several occasions, resulting in abuse, “the complainant, namely , Memory Commission (CPM)

Reportedly, upon entering the penal unit, families are taken to a section where they are required to fully undress, lift their armpits, open their mouths, move their hair, raise the soles of their feet, etc. , is forced to change his female defenders. , in the case of infants, diapers; Action being taken under the supervision of jail staff.

According to the habeas corpus, many people have received threats, outcry and insults from women working in that area in response to complaints of abuse by family members.

“This pattern of humiliation and violation of rights has a direct impact on detainees, as at times they are barred from meeting family and friends who have their personal documents withheld inappropriately,” the CPM highlighted.

In view of the complaint, Reform Court 1 held that, “in the face of the potential impact of constitutional and traditional rights, it is necessary to create safeguards that avoid illegitimate overflow, such as that emanating from the acts questioned herein.”

“Beyond the existence of alternative mechanisms, manual body search – to prevent prohibited or dangerous material from entering the establishment – ​​is practiced, and rights to privacy, dignity and respect may be affected,” the resolution said.

To do so, “it is necessary to elucidate technical control procedures with traditional searches and discoveries, which always protect the modesty, dignity and respect for sexual integrity of those discovered.”

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