This Is How The Xiaomi Pilot Technology Works

For this demo, Xiaomi presents live test video of its autonomous driving technologyTo highlight its advanced algorithms and ability to handle a full list of scenarios.

“Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology adopts a self-developed full-stack approach”

Lei Jun, Founder, President and CEO of Xiaomi Groupexplained that “Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology adopts a self-developed full-stack approach, and the project has progressed beyond expectations.”

Since the announcement of entering the intelligent electric vehicle industry, Xiaomi maintains its commitment to enter the field of autonomous driving, The company’s zero-to-one growth has been made possible through large allocation of resources for R&D, selective recruitment of the best talent in the industry, and investments in upstream and downstream companies.

Following this line, it is important to mention that Xiaomi has thought Invest 3.3 billion RMB in the first phase of R&D of its autonomous driving technologyAnd the size of the dedicated team is more than 500 now. by the end of the year, The team is expected to grow to over 600 members,

One positive aspect of this project is that since its official inception last yearXiaomi’s autonomous driving team has attracted many of the industry’s top professionals, At the moment, the 500-member department includes 50 industry experts leading the project, and the team has an exceptional training team, with over 70% of master’s or PhD degree holders.

To enhance its autonomous driving technology expertise and talent pool, Xiaomi acquires emerging autonomous driving company Shandong Technology, And not only that, Xiaomi is also committed to developing its strategic industrial capabilities in the medium and long term by investing RMB2 billion in more than ten upstream and downstream companies in the field of autonomous driving.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that, with this project, Xiaomi a. adopts Self-developed full-stack approach to autonomous driving technologyWhich covers all key areas such as hardware and software development, perception and positioning, and focuses on large-scale, proprietary solutions to enable full closed-loop data capabilities.

In parallel, in the demo video, the test vehicle of Xiaomi showed Precise, safe and intelligent assisted driving In multiple scenarios including U-turns, roundabouts and continuous downhill driving.

In addition, to make parking more fun, the company has developed an automated parking solution that covers scenarios such as “Reserved Parking Space”, “Autonomous Valet” and “Automatic Robotic Arm Charging”. In view of this, Xiaomi has indicated in a statement that “in the future, other parking services will be made available, and to comply with relevant national laws and regulations, a combination of AI and service-oriented features will be added.”

Finally, Lei Jun also speculates that Xiaomi plans to build a fleet of 140 test vehicles In the first stage of development of autonomous driving technology.

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