“We have now installed the latest kiwi sorting technology”

Kiwi Atlántico, the largest kiwi marketer in Spain, has carried out a major refurbishment of its facilities with the aim of optimizing its product and achieving one of its strategic objectives: Zero Waste. The company invested more than 3,000,000 euro to expand its Kiwi Atlantico’s facilities and to improve its productivity by using the most advanced technology.

In recent years, the company has made investments to expand its refrigeration chambers and change its refrigeration system and garment areas. In addition, it has also gained space in the fruit and stock reception area.

The company also invested in new machinery with calibrator changes, quality selection, and automated palletizing. Jose Piñeiro, Head of Innovation at Kiwi Atlántico, says: “We have now installed the latest kiwi sorting technology, with the fundamental objective of making a better selection and, therefore, offering customers an even more uniform product.” “These changes allow us to improve our maturation processes and reduce product losses. This ties in with one of our most important goals: achieving Zero Waste,” he added.

In general, the new lines have been designed and manufactured taking into account that the fruits must be treated delicately at all times and some of them have been automated. The company also has several automatic palletizers, improving the ergonomics of the operators in the plant.

State-of-the-art calibrating machine
The company acquired a new state-of-the-art MAF-RODA calibrator machine. This purchase has allowed the company to increase its calibration speed and surpass 10 metric tons/hour. In addition, the machine has the Globalscan 7 selection system with multispectral cameras, which allows identifying the fruit’s external and internal defects to achieve a better selection of the final product. The company also installed the Insight 2T system that, through the use of near-infrared technology, allows them to improve the quality and uniformity of the product.

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